"Prince's Console"

In early 2021, I faciliated and brokered the sale and transport of a very special 1970's MCI 528 Recording Console along with other items of interest into-the-care of a new buyer!


The console was used in Minneapolis at Studio 80 to record one half of Bob Dylan's record "Blood On The Tracks" and it also recorded all of Prince's first album.

I personally pulled the individual channel cards out of the console (all 28 channels as well as master section and output busses)

An EMT 140 Tube Plate Reverb, Hammond A100 Organ, MCI JH24 2" Tape Machine, and all accessories as well as tech setup and calibration were included in the overall co-mission of all involved.


Pictured: B. Fields preparing EMT 140 Plate for transport. Some old plates have asbestos-filled sheets within the walls, and so one must be careful when opening it and being exposed to potentially hazardous sheddings.@ The Carriage Works, East Nashville, Tennessee


I think that everyone I worked with on this project was great, and I look forward to seeing and working with them again. I learned a lot and enjoyed the time. It was time and effort well spent.

More photos at end.

Those involved:

B. Fields

B. Howard

T. Burkhead

A. Tabares




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