Consign Your Gear

With the help of the form below, I can easily see, queue and post your gear for sale.

Gear is currently posted on the @byrdsells Instagram. Select consignment gear is listed here on the site on a case-by-case basis.

If you choose to consign through Byrd Finds/Byrd Sells, please do not post your gear for sale anywhere else for at least 2 weeks (Craigslist, Reverb, Facebook, etc).

Please have high quality photos, a description, and an asking price available. (A fair price can be provided for you).

Consignment is offered for a 10% fee remitted after the sale from you to Byrd Finds.

Please fill out the form below to enter your gear into the listing queue. If you have more than one item for sale, please submit separate forms for each item!

After you submit your form, just keep your eyes on your DMs/email, buyers will be directly connected to you when they appear.

Most listings are sorted, processed, and listed online the next day. Select items will take a bit more time to process.

If you have any questions, please reach out via the chat function, Instagram (@byrdsells) or email (

Thanks, and good luck!