Byrd Finds is an independent gear source and online shop based in East Nashville, TN. It is owned and operated by musician Nick Byrd (Nickybaby, Bully, The Lonely Biscuits).

Nick Byrd - Byrdfinds Founder

Byrd Finds can be traced to Nick’s years of performing and engineering alongside a wide variety of gear, as well as his enthusiasm for connecting people. Initially launched as an Instagram account in 2017 and used as a way to connect with other gear lovers, word spread quickly - thanks in no small part to a steady stream of covetable gear posts - throughout Nashville and beyond. Soon, Byrd Finds had found customers - and an audience - in other music cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, and Muscle Shoals, and as far away as Sweden, Ireland and France. 

Byrd Finds is now busier than ever with the daily process of connecting musicians, engineers, and producers with awesome (and practical) gear, at nearly unbelievable deals. Whether you’re looking for a used SM57 microphone, an avocado green Wurlitzer electric piano, or a 1950’s EMT 140 tube plate reverb unit, Byrd Finds has become the go-to online gear source for those in the know. 

“I believe in people and music. The two work together beautifully. My mission is to supply the music community with great gear that inspires,” Nick says. “By doing my part, the music community itself can serve as inspiration to the next generation of musicians.” 

After many requests from clients to place their gear for sale onto the page, Nick added the Byrd Sells consignment service in 2019.

Nick's latest endeavor is a brick-and mortar location, located inside of Gear Post in East Nashville. Long-time business owner Andy Foote of Drum Supply House invited Nick to contribute his talents by way of curating a display booth in the space, opening July 15, 2021!

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