Suicide Prevention Project

I’d like to take some time to talk about something important to me. About 3 months into the pandemic last year, a close friend of mine named Garrett informed me that since the pandemic had started, calls into the National Suicide Prevention Hotline had nearly tripled. It was at that moment that I knew I needed to do something.


What I am doing and intend to continue to do: holding auctions for items such as this pair of shoes, and donating the proceeds to the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network. A line from their website that caught my eye is this - “No one is alone in their struggles.” My intention is to bring awareness to others about resources available, but namely to let us not forget that suicide is something that can be prevented.


This particular item is a pair of shoes that I received for free through a sponsorship; I then asked my close friend and bandmate Alicia (Bully) to sign and draw whatever she felt on the shoes with a Sharpie. I find the symbols she chose to be simultaneously simple and filled with equal intention and love for anyone who will observe the shoes, or is struggling with negative thoughts.


Be on the lookout for this item as well as others in upcoming and ongoing auctions benefiting suicide awareness and prevention. Thank you for reading. If you are struggling, you are never alone. Please share.



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