Collection: Auction

These are the products that are currently for sale via auction only. Happy bidding!
13 products
  • 1990's Ramsa C900 36-Channel LCR Theater Mixing Console
  • Tascam Patchbays w/ Rack
  • 1970’s Yamaha PM 200-B 8-Channel Analog Mixing Console
  • DW 5000 Single Chain Kick Pedal
  • Lewitt Authentica LCT 480 Multipattern Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic
  • Fostex Remote Control Unit
  • CAD 6pc Drum Mic Pack
  • Drum Supply 6.5x14 DIY Black Brass Snare
  • Roots EQ Solids and Rings (Lot of 3)
  • RhythmTech Hat Attachments (Lot of 2)
  • 1970's Shure Unidyne B Cardioid Dynamic Mic
  • Ludwig Legacy Maple 3pc Kit in Gold Sparkle/Glass Glitter
  • Barton Beech Bomber 3pc Kit 22/16/13